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Nobody (Men of the White Sandy Book 3)

Nobody (Men of the White Sandy Book 3) - Mary Dieterich, Sarah M. Anderson Sarah was gracious enough to give me a copy of this book for my birfday! I just happen to be a blogger/reviewer as well. :-)

I. LOVED. IT. I haven't had a chance to read the first two books in this series, but now I MUST go back to read the others. I *have* read Sarah's HQ books, so I figured I was prepared, but this book blew me away.

Nobody isn't just tortured, he resonates with pain and the confusion of being misunderstood. In some ways, he's jaded and cynical, and in others it's like he's just starting on the path to adulthood.

Then there's Melinda. She's from the big city. Horrible at relationships - never making the right choices, she follows her sister to run the day care center at the White Sandy rez.

Nobody's used to being a shadow, a vigilante. Taking up for those that can't fight back, protecting the people of the rez, even if they can't recognize that he's a part of the tribe. But Melinda sees him. Like, *really* sees him. And it scares him shitless.

Not only that, she's not afraid of him. Not afraid of his scars, his anger, his dangerous nature. And she's also ready to fight for someone in need. Someone he cares for. Someone just like him. Maybe Nobody can learn to trust again. This woman who asks for nothing but Nobody...

Dammit Sarah. This book was just amazing. Thank you so much for gifting me with not only the words, but the emotions and the characters. I was just sobbing for Nobody and Jamie - and even Melinda when she had to make the decision to leave Nobody alone near the end of the book. Heartbreaking.

Five. Stars. <3