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Sweet Sacrifice

Sweet Sacrifice - L.D. Rose

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm super picky about paranormal romance books. So much so that you'll hardly ever see them on my "read" stack. I'm not a snob, but I've read some really bad ones, so I tend to stay away. However, when L.D. Rose approached me a while ago with an opportunity to read and review Releasing the Demons, I took the chance - and it paid off. I loved it.

I didn't even hesitate to grab Sweet Sacrifice and again, she didn't disappoint. This time we're taken to the realm of demons vs. angels, heaven vs. purgatory, firm vs. firmament. And ultimately, the struggle of a man trying to balance fighting for mankind while still having his heart solidly in the waking world.

Sebastian (Bash) and Irene weren't done living their fairy tale when tragedy intervened and left both of them alone and separate from each other. But like two halves of a beating heart, they knew they'd never be whole without their missing piece. The pair were both making the best of it, moving forward, although never really moving on.

When I read a story about true soulmates, I can't help but get choked up, and I definitely did while reading Sweet Sacrifice. Just lovely, and it felt anchored in reality, while still being spiritual and fantastical. When I say spiritual, I don't mean religious - because this book is HAWT. Not erotica, but there are definitely some sheet burning scenes contained within.

I'm giving Sweet Sacrifice four "temporary tattoo" stars.