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Rockstar Daddy

Rockstar Daddy - Taryn Quinn I received a copy of Rockstar Daddy in exchange for an unbiased review.

So now there's another fictional band I want to follow like a love-starved groupie, and I have Taryn & Cari to thank for it. I was never a "I've got a crush on the rock god" sort of girl, but I'm now a convert.

These two can weave their stories together inextricably like a weaver with a sweater that you just can't wait to put on and luxuriate in. I jump at the chance to read and review their stuff because it's Just. That. Good. While Rockstar Daddy isn't as deep as their Oblivion, Hammered, or "The Boss" series' - I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The leads:
Kellan, small-town boy who finds old friend Lila Crandall (see [book:Shattered|29234520]), makes good, goes from band rep to band front-man, then hides out in hometown over New Years' Eve.

Margaret (Maggie/Magpie) Kelly, small-town girl who finds herself in said guy's ditch on New Years' Eve - but knows nothing about him... especially not the rock band front-man thing.

Throw in an insane amount of attraction, a really inadequate ex-boyfriend, a super cold glove-box, and some really great bad decisions - and you've got yourself a few hours of "Take Me Away Calgon" time.

While this isn't a five-star book for me, it's a great read. Somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars for a light and fluffy happytiemz read.