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Kiss My Crown

Kiss My Crown - Alexis Noelle I just wanted to offer my opinion, and an explanation of my three-star rating. It's not that I didn't like the book - I did, but there were things that just hit me the wrong way. Out of character things.

First off, the heroine said at one point that if she wasn't insulting you, she didn't like you. It's when she was quiet that you had to worry. Yet she insulted her enemies all the time. ALL THE TIME. So which is it? Did that mean she liked her ex and the girls that she hated?

Also, there was the whole hierarchy thing in the park. If you're not a "Princess" level character, you're looked down upon. Really? Can we just not go there? In the end she decides to lower herself to "Pirate" level in order to get her HEA.

So yeah, I read the whole book. It was well written, I enjoyed it on one level - the bantery one. But as I said, some parts just left me cold. I don't have kids, so I don't even know how it'd make me feel about park characters interacting with children either.

I like Ms. Noelle's work and this won't stop me from reading more, but again - three stars. I really wish I could give it more.