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The Cost of Her Innocence (Harlequin LP Presents Series #3134)

The Cost of Her Innocence (Harlequin LP Presents Series #3134) - Jacqueline Baird Worst. Hero. Ever.

If I could truly hate a fictional man, this'd be the one.

He steals over a year of her life by prosecuting her in a case where she was pretty obviously set up. When they see each other again, he's attracted to her, but threatens to ruin her life and the lives of INNOCENT people she cares for unless she stays away from his half-brother. Never mind that they weren't even dating or anything.

In the act of intimidation, he forces himself on her. Does she give in? Yes, but AFTER she tries to push him away several times. Pretty borderline - or beyond.

In his rush to take her, he not only finds out that she's a virgin, he also 'forgets' to use protection - so she ends up pregnant.

So now comes the blackmail... 'I'll sue for full custody if you don't marry me'. ugh.

After a miscarriage, they go their separate ways. He attends some sort of alumni dinner, where he finds out that the boy who set up the innocent teenage girl turned out to be guilty all along, and has now confessed to the dirty deed - almost 10 years later.

THEN this a-hole realizes she's not the horrible person he first knew, and he goes back to her - heart in hand. AND SHE TAKES HIM BACK!?

Ugh. I can't believe I read this whole book.

I'm sure it suits some readers, but definitely not me.