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Echoes (A Harp Security Novel)

Echoes (A Harp Security Novel) - Laura K. Curtis I have to say up front that this book was so innovative in the way it unfolded, I was RIVETED and simply couldn't put it down. I had to plug my tablet in because it got down to 16% charge and I wasn't ready to stop reading.

Fair warning to you Harrys out there... you can't skip to the end and find out whodunnit - it's not that kind of a mystery. In fact, when the story took a sharp turn a bit more than halfway through, I was shocked at the revelation - and yet there was no lack of tension just getting "let in" on a bit of the secret.

You've got to be a pretty secure writer to trust your readers enough for that. Give them what seems to be a big payoff in favor of an even bigger one later on.

But truly, it was the journey that was the best part. Sometimes it's not point A, or B, or even M that makes one fall in love with an artist's work - sometimes it's just the line you draw between them.

Laura's lines flow beautifully. Taught in some places, flowing in others, but in all areas... just right.

If you're a fan of Romantic Suspense, read this book. I can't wait for Harp Security #2!