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Your Fierce Love

Your Fierce Love - Layla Hagen I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.

I've reviewed the last several books in this series already, so you can probably guess I'm a fan... but I truly adored Blake and Clara. I FIVE-STAR adored them.

Let me tell you a little bit about this pair.

Clara used to work with Nate - who is currently connected to the Bennett family via Alice - Blake's sister and business partner. Nate landed his dream job in London, so he and Alice are overseas. That left Clara with a new and decidedly underwhelming job, but with the means to have her own place. But when the timing's a bit off and she needs a place to crash...

Cue Blake Bennett. Of course Clara is an honorary Bennett - and when you're one of their extended family, you're taken care of when you need something. She needs a place to stay when there's a gap between her old lease & her new pad being complete, and Blake has "kind of" an apartment above his bar.

There's just one problem. He lives there too. And when I said "kind of," I mean, they're living almost on top of each other. The spaces are just barely separated, and being so close by, they see each other all the time. (and they hear each other all the time too)

In most romance novels, this leads to wacky hijinks, and yes, it does in this story too. But it also leads to angst, heartache, tenderness, surprisingly deep character turns, and some really hot love between the amazingly adorable heroine and her unconventional alpha hero.

Like all the Bennett books, there's also meddling, family drama, teasing, and foreshadowing into the future stories for these folks. Some of my favorite things - all leading up to why I'm giving this book a 5 Star rating.