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Holiday Sparks: A Christmas Romantic Comedy

Holiday Sparks: A Christmas Romantic Comedy - Taryn Quinn

I'm not a huge fan of holiday books, but a few usually get through my hard candy shell and make me smile. Holiday Sparks is one of those books. I think it might be because I identify with Darcy, but I don't think that's the entire reason.

Of course, the main reason this story is awesome is the Taryn Quinn factor. The girls are amazeballs, and they've taken this older book and refined it slightly to make it more adorable and fun.

So let's talk about the leads.

Darcy has HAD it with the holiday season. Working retail will do that to a person. Being a manager and having to deal with unruly customers, frustrating employees, and a demanding boss. It doesn't help when she gets home and sees that her Christmas has vomited on her house. It's the last straw on a truly terrible day.

Her tenant, Ben Hartley is the perpetrator of the sneak attack of lights and Christmas accoutrements. He doesn't understand why Darcy is so upset about the display, the neighborhood was delighted that her house was finally being decorated for the holiday season. He agreed to take it down, but he couldn't explain how hot it was to see his landlord's fiery temper.

When Darcy needs to swallow her pride and ask Ben for help at the store, he has no trouble with it. He can't tell her the real reason he agrees, but he wouldn't have said no anyway. Once they're together in the store working closely together, the Holiday Sparks fly!

Not only is this story heartwarming, it's funny, and smart. It's a quick little holiday read, so if you're in for that sort of thing, you'll absolutely love it. I recommend this to anyone. Like, ANYONE.

I give this 4.5 Meatball Grinder Stars.