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On the Line

On the Line - Jen McLaughlin

It's not easy to come home when you left with bridges burning at your heels. That's how things went down when Sarah left after high school, and reappearing to get a job beside her ex and his father is uncomfortable to say the least. She doesn't have a lot of friends in town - seeing as you can't write history when you're not around, and Ben was there to do just that.

To be fair, he only knew his side of the story, and only told the truth of what he knew. Sarah couldn't wait to get away from him and ditch all the plans they had for the future. No explanations, no niceties, no excuses. Ben's not thrilled that she's back after all this time, and he doesn't really care if it's not easy on her either. Especially since his dad decided to make them partners. Even if it's just to try and run her out of town again.

Funny thing that - she has a really good reason for being back, and it's not something that she'll be able to leave behind again. Sarah knew she'd have a hard road to navigate, but she's up to the challenge. Once Ben figures that out, and learns the whole truth behind then and now, perspectives change - and it's easy to see his one true love in a better light again.

This story was fairly short but really good! I like Jen's Out of Line books, and I'm gonna go back and re-read the series soon now that I've picked this one up.

There's also a suspense element to the book that I didn't get to in my synopsis, but I didn't want to get too long with the review. It's also really engrossing. I enjoyed the fact that while there were tropy elements, nothing got dragged out long enough to irritate me. On the down-side, it was a short-ish book, which left me wanting a bit more in the development area. Not a deal-breaker.

I give On the Line 4.5 totally forgotten blind dates.