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Rockstars, Babies and Happily Ever Afters

Rockstars, Babies and Happily Ever Afters - Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott Is it Christmas again already? Because I feel like I've been given a beautifully wrapped gift, one that had all kinds of goodies in multiple boxes.

There were bonuses, alternate POVs, epilogues, and prologues for several of their series', including for most of the Oblivion-verse characters. I was also delighted to see a non-rocker thrown in for good measure.

They took me back into the past, a little bit of present-day, and even some teases of what's to come. Talk about timey-wimey!

Honestly, I don't want to give away a lot of the story stuff for those of you that haven't read the bonus material, because it's so great to discover it for the first time when you read it here - I'll just say how awesome it is to revisit these characters that I love so much.

Sometimes, I have a difficult time remembering characters from a series after being away for a while, but never with Cari and Taryn's guys and gals. They stick.

There's absolutely no hesitation, I give Rockstars, Babies and Happily Ever Afters five rockin' dad bod stars.