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Drawn Deep

Drawn Deep - Taryn Quinn, Cari Quinn Note: This ARC was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

I read this book once before, and it was just as good the second time. (from a new publisher and under a new pen name)

I love me some Alpha heroes, and it's so VERY rare that an author gives us a VIRGIN Alpha. It's true, even though Kim is assertive and bossy, Michael makes sure she knows exactly where he stands.

Our main characters:
Michael, the man with so many facets he'd be an impossibly cut gemstone. Selfless, blunt, charming, and even a little melancholy, he's a man that only lets you see him in stages, and on his own timeline. Not because he wants to be mysterious, just because.

Kim is the woman who's just had it with men. They all have agendas and they're all assholes. ALL. OF. THEM. Especially this guy who hasn't been up front with her from day number uno. She has absolutely zero time for game playing, but for some reason, Michael pushes all the right buttons to pull her back in.

They come to a mutual agreement that keeps their relationship on a surface level, which is more than fine with the both of them. Of course, we read romance novels, and we know where that's gonna end up, right?

A nice quick, light, frothy, HOT read. I give it a SOLID 3.5 stars.