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Damaged - Willow Winters

Oh man, I love me a good tattooed bad boy. Evan is definitely that. Although he's getting tired of that moniker. He's covering up the tatts, and toning down the "bad" part of bad boy. But he can't tell his wife any of that. In fact, it's better for her if he just doesn't tell her anything.

And then there's Kat. She settled down years ago, and wishes Even had done the same. Now there are serious doubts in her mind that he's even faithful to her. He's never lied to her, and she knows there's still love between them, but that might not be enough. Kat knows there's a lot he's keeping from her, and it's tearing their marriage apart.

Evan knows all this, but he also has a situation that he can't shake. If Kat knew about it, she'd leave him for sure. And he can't even quit the job that keeps him in a precariously morally ambiguous position because of it. To sum it up, Kat has escaped, and Evan is screwed.

Can Evan justify his need to fight for the only woman he will ever love, or is he destined to lose her forever? Will Kat be able to break away from Evan knowing that she'll never share that kind of bond with anyone else? And just as those questions are looming, serious complications are thrown in their paths. It can't possibly get worse - or better.

Okay, here's the part where I talk about my rating. While I really dug the story, I have to shave off a bit for the dragging out of the separation storyline. Which is the main arc of the book. I get it, it's the main plot point, but I felt like it could've been done with a tad more brevity.

Maybe I just wanted more of some of the other auxiliary stories? I don't know. I couldn't shake that feeling though. I wanted to read it, but I also wanted to get to the end quicker.

So I give the book 3.5 horrible boss stars.