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Any Time, Any Place (The Billionaire Builders)

Any Time, Any Place (The Billionaire Builders) - Jennifer Probst I received an ARC from NetGalley for this unbiased review.

I don't think Jennifer Probst will ever disappoint me. *knock wood* When I read Everywhere and Every Way, I knew I'd be waiting slightly impatiently for book two in the series. When it appeared in NetGalley, I clicked so fast I don't think I even registered I'd done it.

Thank goodness I got a copy because this book was just as fantastic as the first. We'd already seen glimpses into the Pierce brothers' background, now we get to see the aftermath from the other side.

Raven is the daughter of the man who ran away with Diane Pierce, only to end with their deaths in a car accident before they could actually make it to their destination - Paris.

She grew up under the spectre of hatred from the Pierce family. Taunts, ruination of her father's name, and becoming the town pariah. Raven vowed to get her vengeance on the Pierce family, living her life roaming from place to place, learning everything she could. She trained, becoming an amazing martial artist - she knew whatever was in store for her back in her home town... she'd be ready.

Unfortunately, she found she wasn't ready for Dalton Pierce. From the first day he walked into her bar, he had her head spinning. And he wouldn't leave her alone. They were a perfect match when they sparred verbally, he followed her to her gym where he kept up with her physically, and he desperately wanted to rehab "My Place," which needed to be done for a spread in Good Food and Fine Spirits magazine.

When it turns out Dalton is the only man for the job, sparks fly in so many ways Raven can't deny her attraction any longer. The only question is whether she can avoid the need for vengeance or the fallout when Dalton finds out.

First of all, I hate books with unnecessary secrets, but I thought the secret(s) in this book were plausible and definitely in-character for Dalton and Raven.

I could connect to both of the mains here, and all the Pierce brothers + Brady are simply dreamy. The girls are feisty and loveable, and I'd want to be BFFs with all of them.

I finished the book with a smile on my face, and that means a lot to me. If a book can make me feel anything after I've closed it, it's done something right.