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Manster - Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott

These ladies slay me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The whole Oblivion-verse is just so real to me, and every time I start one of these books, I know I'm in for a TREAT.

I'll start my review by talking about the main characters.

We got a nice taste (oh how I WISH, amirite?) of Hudson Wyatt in Manipulated, and I was one-hundred-percent ready to read more about him by the end of that book. I didn't expect full-on Wyatt attitude. And he was throwing it from PAGE EFFING ONE. Instead of only seeing the charming and affable side of him, we get to see the jerky, demanding, coffee-hoarding, broody drummer.

I pulled her hand away. “It’s not about me tonight.” I led her back to the couch. “In fact, let’s just take away that temptation.”
I sat down and pulled her onto my lap. If I couldn’t see all her curves, then maybe I could make it through this final exam.

Meanwhile, we meet Piper. Owner of the Pussy Palace. It's totally NOT what you're thinking. She and Callie, Owen's very pregnant wife, are good friends, and Piper is closing down her cat cafe to host Callie's baby shower. It's an "all hands on deck" type shower, so guys and girls alike are there - to Wyatt's ultimate chagrin. Piper takes everything in stride though. Even when she has a demanding jerk to deal with, she still manages to make sure all the other attendees are taken care of, and she's a perfect hostess.

Wyatt would like to think he's sticking around for the coffee, and then Piper lays him flat with a request that went from zero to sixty in nothing flat. She wants to know how to flirt, and maybe more. From what he's seen, it looks like quite a bit more. Fork-flying, cat-scratching, coffee-pressing more.

Are you twisting your hair as you try to figure out how to reply about sexting? Or are you nibbling on that delectable mouth of yours?

Yes, this is a rom-com - hate to love essentially (which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE), but there are some angsty parts. That only enhances the story as far as I'm concerned. There are also some tie-ins to the other Oblivion-verse titles, including a bit at the end that had me a little choked up BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU!?! ahem, I mean, I was reminded of the ending of another book that was very emotional. *wink*

So for reals, I give this one FIVE stuffed baby giraffe stars. FIVE!!!