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Stud in the Stacks

Stud in the Stacks - Pippa Grant

Okay, I had to think about what to write in this review, because I wasn't sure I could do it justice. This one is going to go into my "read it again" pile for sure. It's the Community of books. Meta, hilarious, quirky, irreverent, I mean... just awesome.

I kept quoting passages to my husband as I was reading, and he was laughing out loud. If he was a big reader, I'd sit him down and force him to read it - which in itself, is meta. If I had to give Pippa a letter grade for chapter first lines, it would be an A plus-plus. Again, meta.

I don't think I'm going to get through this review without referring back to the book or Community all the freaking time!

Settle in cupcake, and lemme tell you about [b:Stud in the Stacks|36477755|Stud in the Stacks|Pippa Grant|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1512644062s/36477755.jpg|58187916].

One day, man was created. He was given a loincloth, an ability to read, and a HQ Presents. He was named Knox. This Knox fella, he grew up loving these books. So much so that he devoted his life to making sure other people found joy through the stories of people finding love, finding hope, finding joy. It's a good life.

In that very same town, woman was created. She was... well, kind of a dork. She's called Parker. Growing up, Parker had a few stumbling blocks. Crap at babysitting, teased in high school, disastrous dating life, but she grew up to become a very successful businesswoman.

His tongue touches mine, and lights out, game over, everybody wins. My pussy clenches, I grip his solid ass, and I dive into kissing him back like he’s the cheese on my taco.

And that’s the last thought—rational or irrational—that I can manage—thank god, because cheese on my taco?

What is wrong—holy sex on a stick, did his tongue just—and his lips—and ohmygod—and he’s not even touching me there—and where did he learn—how can I—just ohmygod again.

His fingers brush the bare skin he’s exposed just above my jeans. Unicorns carrying tacos dance over our heads. His tongue curls around mine. My ovaries spontaneously combust into magical glittery fireworks. There’s a steel rod poking my belly, and I’m not sure if I’m still wearing pants or if they’ve completely evaporated off me.

I just know I want more.

You wouldn't think these two people would cross paths, let alone have a funny (yet fleeting) past together, and yet - they do!

Present day. Parker tries to purchase some time with Knox, and that's where our main story begins. Isn't that the way every couple meets?

I just have to say that Pippa Grant has a fangirl 4lyfe. I love me some RomCom, and [b:Stud in the Stacks|36477755|Stud in the Stacks|Pippa Grant|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1512644062s/36477755.jpg|58187916] was the kind of book that should set the standard for that genre.

I'm giving it FIVE autodorrexing scars.