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Claim My Baby

Claim My Baby - Taryn Quinn

I didn't think I could like this book more than Have My Baby, but I was so wrong. Oliver is my new crush. Totally cougaring right here. And don't even get me started on Sage.

Ah. Dorbs.

So let's talk about them, shall we?

Sage is a pretty big character in Have My Baby, but having her as the lead heroine in her own story is such a treat. She's pretty focused on losing her V-Card, although not to the exclusion of all else. Once she realizes there aren't any readily available male options as she's about to take her Vegas trip, she's resigned to spend it lounging and gambling.

Enter her nemesis and almost-brother-in-law, Oliver Hamilton. At Seth & Ally's urging, he agrees to "chaperone" Sage as she goes on her Vegas adventure. All three of them worry that she's too naïve and she'll be taken advantage of if she goes alone. It's insulting, but also kinda sweet. Not that they want Sage to know anything about it. Oliver just wants her to think he wants to be her friend and use the free trip to combine business with some "getting to know you" time.

Yesterday, I’d sent her flowers, and she’d returned a few of the petals with little smiley faces and hearts written on them. I had saved those petals and placed them in a shallow dish of water at home. The ink was half smeared off, but I didn’t care. It was the thought that counted.

That should've been Sage's first clue that something was fishy in the state of Denmark. (or whatever that idiom is). Once they land, they learn the meaning of "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Okay, not so much - because....


Yeah, you're not gonna get more than that from me. I'll just say this book was amazeballs, and that's saying something because I love all of Taryn & Cari's books.


I give Claim My Baby 5 ripped jeans stars.