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The Baby Maker

The Baby Maker - Lili Valente

Okay, I'm not into "baby" romances. But for Lili Valente, I'll make one of my rare exceptions. I'm SO glad I did. It's not the first book about a woman who wants to have a baby on her own. It's not even the first book about that woman picking a donor and sleeping with him. However, it's a fresh take on the concept, and I utterly loved it.

Emma Haverford (I kept thinking about Parks & Rec, couldn't help it. 😄) is the new girl in town. She left a high-pressure life to become a vintner, and is pretty good at it. The one thing she's missing is a baby. The biological clock thing is definitely a factor, and she has a solution, even if it's one that she's hesitant to attempt.

Dylan Hunter is part of a well-known family, and not just for wine making. Turns out the rumor is that they can put a baby in a woman by osmosis. The problem is that they have a bit of a adversarial relationship. Dylan and Emma both want the same plot of land, and it's made Dylan a little "cranky".

Emma decides it's worth the risk, especially since there's an attraction between them despite the bickering. She wants to do it the old fashioned way, because WHY. NOT.

Dylan is grumpy, yet kind, funny, and generous. Emma doesn't put up with his crap, is capable, and super smart. They're going to make a great baby, and it turns out, they make great fireworks too.

I give The Baby Maker five thrown pumpkin stars.