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Along Came Twins...

Along Came Twins... - Rebecca Winters Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie.com

When I reviewed “Baby Out of the Blue”, I mentioned it had a sequel. That sequel is Along Came Twins…by Rebecca Winters. It was lovely to read both books, as the second contained the intriguing characters of Kellie and Leandros Petralia, who were introduced in the first book.

Their marriage was teetering on the edge of disaster because of many things – the most heart-wrenching of which is their inability to conceive. Kellie was a virgin before marrying the intense and magnetic Leandros, so she had no idea she had an allergy to him. This ensured their constant use of protection, and the need to turn to artificial insemination. Every time their attempts ended in failure, it put another wedge between them. Read More