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Wild Card

Wild Card - Jamie Wyman Okay, I need to preface this review by saying I tend to shy away from paranomals. However, the teaser was so intriguing - I had to snap up a copy from NetGalley.

Cat Sharp is so utterly familiar to me. Like her, I've always had an affinity for technology. I can't say I'm quite as gifted, but I know how she feels when she manages to bring a server back to life.

And Marius. *sigh* Oh Marius. I want to know everything about Marius. Please Ms. Wyman... give me more. I beg for many, many, many sequels.

The story itself was an intricately wound web of fantastical beings, shiny lights and brilliant characters. Set in Vegas, how could it not be? But hearing that there's an underbelly for Gods and Deities was icing on the cake. If I had to compare this book to something, I'd say it was "Princess Bride"-esque. Well, except that Buttercup doesn't exactly start out loving her pirate.

She's lost her soul in the worst way possible, and it's in jeopardy of changing hands yet again. Her soul's "owner" has wagered it on a game of poker, and Cat has to do a bit of dancing in order to save herself.

Worse yet, her boss tells her that her assistant, Marius, will be accompanying her on this journey. Not only is he full of himself, he's got an obnoxious English accent that he uses like a sword - to jab and sting. Oh yeah, and he's a Satyr.

Deals are struck, monsters are nipping at heels, and double-crosses are par for the course. I couldn't put this book down. Seriously. It's like a roller coaster that you don't want to stop riding. READ IT! 'nuff said. ;-)