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Bet You'll Marry Me

Bet You'll Marry Me - Darlene Panzera I'm gonna be brief in order to avoid ranting.

I enjoyed the story, although the betting - especially the Travis stuff - was abhorrent.

Here's my issue. Lying about having epilepsy... wow. I have a seizure disorder and that is NOT COOL. Also, it's HAVING EPILEPSY. Saying someone is 'epileptic' is like saying someone with cancer is 'cancerous'.

Otherwise, this would've been a decent book. My rating is really 2.5 stars. I enjoyed the ranching / rodeo aspect, and the characters were okay. I'm torn as to how to rate this to be honest.

I just want to say that more research should be done when taking on tackling the subject of health conditions. Could really offend those who suffer from them.