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Superheroes Anonymous

Superheroes Anonymous - Lexie Dunne I was privileged to have read this author's work well before she got the offer to have this story published, and I'd like to say that this book is her best piece of writing ever.

Gail is a victim of circumstance. Dragged kicking and screaming into becoming Blaze's Lois Lane, she eventually becomes jaded and fatalistic. In the first few pages, she wakes up after being kidnapped and asks the doctor nonchalantly who took her this time. After all, she *is* "Hostage Girl"

Fast-forward almost a year to a Gail who has a much more sedate life. She's minus a boyfriend, hasn't been snatched, and her hero - having nothing to save her from - has left her alone.

Then something happens and her whole life changes. Almost nothing is what she thought it was. And in her case, new news is almost never good news. She wasn't stupid, she knew that other people would've been thrilled to be in her place - but for Gail - it was *not* a walk in paradise.

Seeing the world from a new perspective, yeah - that was a novel concept. But she still felt like "Hostage Girl". Just... with a bow on top. And for some reason, it wasn't any prettier.

I am so excited about this book. I cannot say enough good things about it. Really, I would like to just say "GO GET IT AND READ IT NOW", but that would be doing it a disservice.

There's a story in every character - even ones that flit through in the background. The depths with which I dove into the hearts of the heroes (LITERALLY heroes) was unimaginable until I felt it. Completely absorbing, engrossing, amazing - not enough adjectives ever.


Caveat - there is a follow-up book, and this book ends in a bit of a cliffhanger. However, it's WELL worth the angst you will experience in the wait between now and mid 2015.