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Have My Baby

Have My Baby - Taryn Quinn

I'm such an unabashed Taryn Quinn fangirl, it's just a dream come true to read and review their books. And this one was quite the treat. I. LOVED. THESE. CHARACTERS.

Ally (great name btw) is smart, funny, and a fantastic role model for Seth's daughter. (we'll get to them in a moment). She's been through good times and bad with him, and definitely has all the feels - but when he ever-so-nonchalantly asks her to have his baby - she's a bit gobsmacked.

Seth knows Ally would be a great mother to his daughter's sibling. She's already a surrogate to Laurie, and nothing like his ex, which is one of the best qualities EVER. They've known each other all their lives, and taking this step won't shake their firm foundation - right?

Laurie wants a sister. Bad. She loves her Daddy and her Mommy, and she definitely loves Ally. She likes it when Ally comes over and helps her with her bathtimes, because BOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED! She's started having sleepovers with Daddy, and she even saw them kissing once. Hopefully she'll talk to him about getting a sister.

“You can’t make a move like this based on the whims of a three-year-old. It’s not logical. She wants a puppy too. Is that next?”

I was engrossed from beginning to end, and it might be one of my favorite happy reads.

I give it five "empty bubble bath bottle" stars.