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Chased - Clarissa Wild

This book is dark. Like really dark. Please take that into account before picking it up.

Okay, caveat over. Personally, I think Clarissa Wild is an AMAZING writer, and where some dark romance authors seem to be twisted just for the sake of being controversial, Clarissa is always about the story.

Having read the other books dealing with these characters, I was happy to return to Syrena's story. The last time we saw her, she was being taken away from Cage & Ella, presumably for nefarious purposes. Chased picks up right there, and continues at a run. Literally.

Chase needs to find out something vital about his personality, and he needs Syrena to do it. At least, once he sees her at Gabriel's he knows she's perfect. Syrena shows him the truth about himself, and then he can't let her go.

Unfortunately, that's the one thing she needs. Freedom. She hasn't had it in years, and Syrena can almost feel it. Getting away, being on her own. But Chase can't allow it. Not when she knows what she knows. Not when he still needs her. Wants her. Has her.

At the heart, this is a tale about a woman who makes a man into a better person. Awakens the heart within. And there's a simple beauty about that.

I give Chased 4.5 teardrop shaped birthmark stars.