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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest - Teresa Michaels I've had my issues with HR personnel, I mean, everybody has, right? But I wish Gabby had been at every company I'd worked at. She was professional, smart, caring, and she wasn't just about her job description.

Throughout the book she had an agenda, but I couldn't fault her since it benefited (see what I did there?) so many others. While her family couldn't take advantage of the program for long, other employees would be able to use the services for years to come.

Now let me talk about Lucas. Where. To. Begin. I watch Preacher, so I used Cassidy's accent when he spoke in the book. Dreamy. Yeah, okay, the actor's nothing to write home about, but that accent... just soften it a little and that's how I imagine Lucas.

I get that he hates HR, and it doesn't help that he's insanely attracted to Gabby. Right from the get-go he's warned off office romances too, so the deck is stacked against him - in fact it's stacked ten decks high. Wasn't hard to get why he felt he had to avoid her. He didn't have to be such a prick about it though.

However, that's what made it so hot for me. I LOVE sandpaper leads. It's like watching the tension on the top of a glass of water build up until an ice cube gets dropped in - and BANG, the hotness explodes. Amazeballs.

But here's the best part about this story. And it's a spoiler, so I'm sorry about it, but I gotta hide it.

Nobody truly sacrificed their job for the other person, they both ended up leaving the company for other positions, and were happy in the end. And although it wasn't a happy ending for Gabby's family, she didn't need the nursing home either.

I had the same formatting issues that another person mentioned, but in my case, I didn't care. I loved it. I'll keep it on my kindle to read again. Four hard stars.