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Ball Peen Hammer

Ball Peen Hammer - Lauren Rowe I wanna say up front that the writing *structure* was great, and I truly can't complain about the storyline. Girl gets saddled with a slightly irritating guy on a car ride and they fall in love? A cute bromance? Loveable family dynamic? That stuff? Right up my alley. But damn... NOBODY could possibly talk like that all the time and actually have some sort of a winning personality, right? I mean, one more "brah," and I think I probably would've given up. I thought about it, I really did.

It's a testament to Lauren's talent as an author that I read the whole book. But next time maybe I just can't even. Maybe it'll be so RANDOM! <--- see? Annoying already.<br/>
So if your tolerance for bro-speak is high, you'll be gtg - otherwise, maybe not so much. Forewarned is forearmed.