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The Bachelor Auction

The Bachelor Auction - Rachel Van Dyken I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review.

I love Rachel Van Dyken's books. She's a one-click rent/buy for me. But I was super disappointed with The Bachelor Auction.

I know it was an overt homage to Cinderella, but it seemed really schizophrenic within that parameter. I was glad it wasn't a straight parallel to the fairy tale, but man, it was ALL OVER the place.

Brock was one-dimensional, and he never grew as a character. For the most part, he spent the entire book moping and running from hot to cold within seconds. I couldn't warm up to him at all.

And Jane... She frustrated me to no end. I mean - GET OUT already. Her sisters were using her, she KNEW it, and yet - she stayed and let them boss her around because of her father's one sentence plea to keep the family together? Ummm, no.

This isn't the Cinderella time-period, she can leave them to pay their own debt, cook their own food, and clean up their own messes.

The only characters I actually liked were Brock's brothers, the twins, Brant & Bentley - and it was probably because they were horndogs which gave them a bit of life.

I know my opinion isn't popular, but for some reason, I just didn't get pulled in by this story. I still dig RVD books and I'm still gonna snap them up. In fact, I'll probably read the rest of this series to see what happens with the twins. I just wish I'd have liked this one more.