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The Billionaire Next Door

The Billionaire Next Door - Jessica Lemmon I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for this honest review.

First of all - the cover... RAWR. amirite?

Now, let's talk about our hero. Tag was - interesting. I had a hard time nailing him down (innuendo away people), because he seemed to run really hot and then arctic-ly cold when it came to Rachel. For someone so dumbstruck by his temporary neighbor, I just wasn't sure where his head was. Ultimately, I got over it, and his willingness to believe in Rachel won me over. That was a very strong constant throughout the story, and for that I give Tag some mad props.

Rachel was totally the girl I wanted to root for all the way. She was dealt some pretty crap circumstances that led to self-doubt and a question of her worthiness. It happened to weave it's way through all elements of her life (work, relationship, etc), so crap on top of CRAP. Tag was there for her the whole way.

I was a teensy bit frustrated with her near the beginning of their 'relationship' because I wanted her to just tell him what had happened. It wasn't like it was an earth-shattering secret, but something he could work with. Ultimately, they dealt with it, and it was overcome with supreme hotness.

I enjoyed seeing the characters from BBB #1 again, and I can't wait to read Eli's story after seeing the blurb at the end of this book! I'm getting my kleenex handy for that one.

The Billionaire Next Door has my stamp of approval, and as always, I dig seeing Ms. Lemmon's characters as they journey through the books in their respective series'.