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Your Tempting Love

Your Tempting Love - Layla Hagen When I pick up a book that’s part of a series, it usually takes me a little time to remember the rest of the characters that surround the Hero & Heroine in the new book. In the case of the Bennett family, I have no such issue. I feel like I know them. Some of it may be the fact that the stories are based in the San Francisco bay area, which is my old stomping grounds, but I think it’s really that the writing is so descriptive and vivid that the family members jump out of the pages and become real.

Speaking of the family members, Pippa – who got her happily ever after in [book:Your Forever Love|30050617] – is matchmaking again. This time for her brother Christopher. He’s recently back from a stint abroad and wants to settle back in his hometown surrounded by the family he sorely missed.

That includes purchasing an apartment and getting it decorated, and luckily enough, Pippa just happens to “know a gal.” Cue expert Decorator Victoria Hensley, who transformed sister Alice’s restaurant into a warm and inviting space – and it’s time for little sister to work her magic between them.

After a ‘meet cute’ in the Bennett Corporation lobby, Christopher and Victoria can’t seem to refrain from flirting with each other. He admires her for her dedication to family and work, and she’s treated to his gallantry and generosity from day one. Neither of them know what to do with their instant chemistry, but soon after their meeting, they decide to acknowledge the attraction they feel.


Victoria is the caretaker for her three siblings since their parents died in a boating accident, which complicates things. Luckily, Christopher knows all about big families, so he jumps right in and finds a place in each of her family members’ hearts.

One of the things I loved about this book is that Christopher started out thinking that he didn’t want a relationship, but there was no angst associated with his feelings for Victoria. He was able to transition into a committed relationship easily – which is a lovely change of pace.

The love scenes are hot as are most of Layla’s sexy interchanges, and is a huge selling point for me. It’s a great balance of sweet and hot – with humor and banter all the way through. Hitting on all cylinders.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Your Tempting Love, and I also suggest you go back to read the first four books if you haven’t already. They’re all able to be read as standalones as well, but I’m quite sure you’ll love the Bennetts as much as I do.

I give Your Tempting Love 4.5 solid stars.