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Just an Illusion - Side A

Just an Illusion - Side A - D. Kelly I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for an unbiased review.

I have to say this is yet another 'new-to-me' author that has blown me away. They seem to be coming fast and furious, and I. Love. It. **WARNING** This book ends on a cliffhanger, but there's a very short wait for book two. Well worth it.

I totally should not like this book.
1. Secrets kept from all the key players throughout the story? Check.
2. Love Triangles? Check.
3. More than one seriously complicated backstory? Check and triplecheck!

However, in this story, they all work. Each and every character is fleshed out and three-dimensional, even the ones in the fringes. For example: the band manager and his significant other exist in my mind. They're in about 1% of the book, but they're important and they're amazing.

Let's talk about the main cast though. Amelia is a steel-strong woman who's lived three lives. Her youth, her recent past, and her present. She learned to ignore her past, some would say she even escaped it - but it prepared her for most of the events of this book. At least, it prepared her for the background circumstances in which she found herself - and that's a big deal.

She has a life-long best friend, Bella - who supports her unconditionally, an ex who gave her lots of baggage, and a family legacy that haunts her. All of this makes Mel a very complicated, closed-off, talented, enigmatic woman.

Noah is the man who captures her heart. A member of BAD, which happens to be the subject of Mel's contracted book. He's sensitive and kind, but also sexy and blisteringly hot. He falls for her the minute he sees her, but with that come complications. Number one, Amelia might believe in love, but not so much for herself. And number two, he's one half of a twinset, and they have the same taste in women. Speaking of which...

The other half of that pair is Sawyer, and he's not much like his brother at all. He's been through the ringer more than once, and it left him broken and weary. He's mended his self-sabotaging ways, yet those old demons want to surface again when times get tough. As things like that go, it leads to tension - between brothers, bandmates, and friends.

I simply cannot wait for [book:Just an Illusion - The B Side|30833936]. I'm left incredibly torn between my alliances - but that doesn't mean I want anybody to lose. Well, except for the "bad guys." I don't remember the last time I've actively rooted for more than one coupling - back and forth - throughout a story. The true sign of excellent writing.

I'm rating Just An Illusion: The A Side 4.5 Stars.

4.5 Stars