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Crazy Over You

Crazy Over You - Daisy Prescott I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for an unbiased review.

I remember reading Daisy Prescott's Wingmen Series and loving it, so when this came up as an opportunity to read and review, I jumped at it.

It. Was. De. Lightful! Semantics out of the way first - it's an easy standalone, although I can see where book one is referenced. Mid-length and Decent heat with a definite HEA. (In case you care about that stuff.)

Mara is adorbs (and yes, said JUST like that), new to the Aspen area, and a noob on the slopes - so when she has a little panic attack and finds she can't take the big hill, Ski Patrol comes to the rescue. Here's the thing though, this guy looks really familiar. Then BLAM! it hits her and she's reeling, he's the kind of, maybe, almost, one-night-stand she had before she moved to town two years ago. Of course, from his complete lack of reaction, he can't possibly remember her...

He shouldn't be allowed to wear shirts. I wonder if he goes shirtless in the summer when he's working on projects. I imagine his chest and back in the sun, a slight sheen of sweat on his skin as he swings a hammer or uses power tools to build things. Sweet heavens, I don't think I can survive summer Jesse.

Of course he remembers her. How could he forget the wild girl that danced on the bar and literally fell into his lap during one of his dark days. She made his life a little lighter, even if they were the proverbial "two ships that passed in the night". Tourists are like that. But hey, now she's not a tourist, she's a townie. Does that mean he has a shot to see what kind of relationship they could have? Darn tootin' it does!

Tugging off her jeans, I leave her in only a pair of pink underwear. They're simple with a little lace along the edge and that makes them even sexier. I don't need bows and fancy shit. Most men don't. We'll take naked over costumes almost every time. The rest of it is wrapping on the present. We want to rip it off to get to the good stuff.

I loved that there were plenty of traps that we could've been thrown into, but Ms. Prescott is way too smart for that. She avoids them like the plague. Brush with death? Yeah, alright, but don't make a federal case out of it! Angst? eh, not really - they're adults. Alternate love interest? HA!

That's what makes Crazy Over You such a great book for someone like me. I mean, I don't hate all that other stuff. Drama, angst, rip-my-heart-out tension... yeah, that's cool, but sometimes I just like a nice smart romance where the couple dances around each other and ends up at the same place in the end.

Job done Daisy, job done. FIVE STARS.