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Turning Back

Turning Back - J.A. Huss I'm reviewing this book voluntarily with my own personal copy.

JA Huss books are a must read for me, so I always jump on them right away. I was dying to read this, as it was the follow-up to [b:Taking Turns|33192096|Taking Turns (Turning, #1)|J.A. Huss|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1480683459s/33192096.jpg|53888729], and Rochelle - although completely absent from the first book, was an incredibly intriguing character.

Smith found his HEA in the last book, so the trio was whittled down to just Bric and Quin, and coincidentally, those were the two men that also loved Rochelle. Both very differently mind you, because they're both very different men.

The guys don't have their "rules" to guide them, and oddly enough, that means that Bric - the man that would normally be the more confident - seems the more lost. That doesn't mean any of the three of them aren't just feeling their way through a new and weird adventure - because they totally are.

The reason Rochelle left is a doozy, and they all handle the situation differently, and in surprising ways. I was delighted, outraged, frustrated, and heartbroken as the story progressed - because I just couldn't help but feel each thing as the characters felt them. Rochelle was pulled in a few directions, and sometimes unfairly so.

In the end, she gets her own HEA, but there's also no shortage of heartbreak and it leaves the reader with a longing for the next installment. I know we'll get the final resolution, and it's already set up in this outing, but I still feel sad about the events that led up to the finale here. Happy for Rochelle though. She went through enough to get there, she deserved her HEA truly.

I'd give this 4/4.5 stars, and I'm waiting eagerly for book 3.