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Your Alluring Love (The Bennett Family, #6)

Your Alluring Love (The Bennett Family, #6) - Layla Hagen Coming back to the Bennett series is like seeing an old friend. I remembered each and every character, knew what was happening in their lives, I even anticipated the pairing of Nate and Alice… and yet, I so wasn’t prepared.

1. The Banter. I have to say that this wasn’t the optimal level of banter, but it was a good amount. The characters had clearly grown up around each other and had a sexual-tension-y back and forth recompense with that level of knowledge. There was also the family angle. Nate had a different relationship with the rest of the Bennetts, and that was entertaining as well.

2. Insta-Love? Well, I’m not going to give that away, but this element delighted me. For a couple that came together out of this dynamic, the book took a slightly novel approach to their road to love.

3. Obstacles. Yes, there were some. Handled well and in great ways. For people like us – romance junkies – we tend to tire of the overused elements. Layla is great at taking the well-known story parts and rearranging them to tell a crazy original tale.

4. Story Resolution. OMGYes. I was so happy with how this book finished. Not only did the couple get their own perfect HEA, we got an epilogue, and a peek at what’s coming up next. AND BY THE WAY LAYLA, I CALLED IT!
(by that I mean that as soon as I read about Nate’s assistant, I knew she was “it”!)

All of these parts come together to make another great installment in the Bennett Family Series. I honestly don’t have a favorite Bennett, although I have a fondness for Jenna, the Matriarch. I’m sure I’ll feel like an empty nester when the series comes to an end too. Still two errant siblings to go, and I can’t wait to read their stories!

I give Your Alluring Love 4.5 Stars!