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Shameful - Nana Malone, M. Malone I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

I received both [b:Shameless|34070314|Shameless|M. Malone|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1492723166s/34070314.jpg|55080890] and Shameful at the same time, and I read them back to back, so I'm going to review them both right here. Because of that, this will be a general review of the characters and overall feel of the storyline - which is pretty much what I do anyway. :-)

Lucia is so freaking tired of her "big brother" Noah always watching over her. She's unable to live her own life, go out with men, stray from whatever safe life he wants her to live... Well, she's had enough. She's also looking into the mystery that surrounds the day that her real brother died. Lucia is feisty, headstrong, and utterly confused by her emotions concerning Noah.

Noah is incensed that Lucia is going out with someone not worthy of her, and he *definitely* needs her to stop looking into her brother's murder. It's about time for him to make an actual appearance in her life. The danger isn't one-sided however, because Lucia isn't his sister by blood, and Noah has feelings for her that definitely aren't brotherly.

Noah is dark, dangerous, devious, and oh so delicious. Lucia is definitely all-woman - and she doesn't back down when she realizes he's attracted to her. So what's the problem then? Hoo boy... you're gonna want to find that out for yourself.

These books are AMAZING, and yes, there are cliffhangers. Luckily, you can read all the way through to the end by the end of June 2017 - which is right around the corner from the date of this review. I gobbled these two books up in one sitting because they were just that good.

Highly recommended, 4.5 stars for both books!