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Falling for her Brother's Best Friend

Falling for her Brother's Best Friend - Noelle  Adams I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Noelle Adams is a consistently good read for me. (She also has a really great email newsletter). I was hyped when I saw the opportunity to read and review a copy of this book - the start of a new series. I wasn't disappointed!

I have one little nit to pick, and it's that I would've liked a little more depth in the story. That's kind of a backhanded compliment kind of thing, because it means that I wanted to know more about the characters and their backstories. I'm hoping that will come with the next two books in the series.

This series is set in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is a town in which I spent a LOT of time - so I'm already invested. It gives me all the nostalgia feels.

Let's talk about our Hero and Heroine.

Noah has come back to town after being away for a very long time. Once he was old enough to get outta dodge, he did, and he hardly ever returned. He took jobs that kept him away from home, which means leaving his family and friends behind. He has a sister and a grandmother that he visits, although reluctantly (not because he doesn't love them), and four best friends that he grew up with. Two guys with whom he's super close, and their sisters that kinda came along as part of a package deal.

The three girls have gotten together to open a tea room in the growing college town called "Tea for Two," and opening day is right around the corner. It's the reason Noah is home this time around since he gave them business advice, and he wouldn't miss his sister's success for the world. What he's surprised to hear is that it was Patrick's little sister that wrote the stellar business plan. Emma has changed from his friend's little sister that was a pal (emphasis on little sister) - into a smart, sexy, capable woman.

Emma has been through the wringer over the last couple of years and has decided to go on a man-fast. Of course, this is horrible timing, because it happens to coincide with her long-term crush coming back to town - Noah. Not that anything will happen, because he's still calling her by her childhood nickname and ruffling her hair. Her Man-fast seems safe and sound.

She doesn't want him anyway, right? RIGHT?! Of course not. Emma tries really hard to convince herself of that, but what she doesn't know is that Noah is doing the very same thing. They both resist each other with good intentions. And we all know what happens with good intentions go bad...

Noah and Emma had great chemistry, and the building relationship seemed really organic. I want to know more about all six of the characters, and I can see already where we're headed with the other four. (which is nice) Let's go Noelle! I'm ready!

Four solid stars for Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, and Tea.