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Most Valuable Playboy

Most Valuable Playboy - Lauren Blakely I wasn't given a copy of this book, this was my own personal copy, so I'm not obligated to give a review.

Lauren Blakely is one of my steady four-star authors. I can always count on her for a great read. I suppose I kinda take that for granted.

This time I wanted to take a minute to say that this one was stellar. She wrote MVP from the Male POV, and it was great! There are two books that stand out in the Male POV category for me, this one, and [b:Tangled|18297707|Tangled (Tangled, #1)|Emma Chase|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1375808439s/18297707.jpg|21868234] by Emma Chase.

There were also little bits and pieces of Violet's story running throughout, which were a pretty standard romance trope, and that made the guys' story so much more interesting.

This is why I'm telling you that this book is SO great, so if the blurb is even halfway intriguing to you, PLEASE pick it up and read it. Lauren is one of my faves, so if I can get one more person into her, I'll have done my job.