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Mr. Big

Mr. Big - Nana Malone

I very much enjoyed this book. One of the highlights was seeing Xander, Imani, Abbie, and Alexi from the Chase Brothers series. Since I just re-read [b:London Bound|21431580|London Bound (Chase Brothers, #1)|Nana Malone|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1478569873s/21431580.jpg|40211245], Abbie was very fresh in my mind. One of my favorite heroines.

I'll get back to Mr. Big now by saying that while I would recommend this story, I'd say it's more of a light read than anything else. Easy to read quickly, and I found myself skimming in a couple of places. I sometimes do that, although I manage to grab the feel of that content 99% of the time.

Emma released her strangled breath. He felt her body relax into his as she let go of some of the tension. As if it were only the two of them on the edges of the dance floor.
There, in the dark, with a girl he used to know, he wanted to tell her every dark secret he had, and that idea scared the shit out of him.

Zach had been a part of Emma's life for a long time. And he'd been in love with her for most of it. Unfortunately, nothing could come of it, because she was his best friend's sister. On top of that, he felt responsible for one of the biggest tragedies in her life. But now she's in London, right under his nose, and her brother has even asked him to look out for her. Needless to say, he's in agony.

Emma had been rejected by Zach before he left for the big city, so the very last thing she wanted was to run into him so soon after she moved from their home town to get her Master's in London. Especially since she ran into a spot of trouble before she even found her apartment. Of course that meant he showed up at a club to save her from a drunken lech, making her seem helpless, hapless, and hopeless.

She slapped his hands away but he was able to gather her against him, breathing in the smell of her shampoo as she finally collapsed against him. “I don’t want to go anywhere with you,” she said against his chest, her hands curling into his jacket. “I don’t want to feel this way about you.”

Zach and Emma are drawn to each other like high-powered magnets, and Zach gives in even though he knows he should be leaving her alone. He continues their relationship, hiding the truth of his shame from her, knowing she'll hate him when he confesses. Also knowing her brother will kill him when he finally shows up.

Will they be able to weather the storms of his insecurities and their family issues? How long will it take for Zach to come clean? And what happens when Stephen finally arrives back in London to find out that Zach's been "looking after" his sister in a very unwelcome way.
There were a few things in the story that were left murky, and the resolution was quite quick, but it was enjoyable. I give Mr. Big 3.5 bunches of abandoned flowers.