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American Queen

American Queen - Sierra Simone I read through all three of the New Camelot books at once, because I wanted to get the whole story at one time. Man... emotional overload. It took me three days or so to finish, and probably half a box of kleenex. Mostly from book three.

The characters are fully realized, story is rich in detail and flavor, and it has so much of everything. Intrigue, action, politics, erotica, and ROMANCE... lots of romance. In all forms. Dark, forbidden, deep, casual, forgettable, and of course - everlasting.

Ms. Simone has crafted something wonderful, has taken a timeless tale and spun it on its head, and I commend her for it.

This one is going on my "I'll re-read this again" pile.

NOTE: I was not given ARCs of any of this series, I read personal copies.