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Mr. Dirty

Mr. Dirty - Nana Malone

I love all of the Malone sisters' books. Together or apart. The London Billionaire Series is one of the best in my opinion. Mr. Dirty isn't my favorite in this series, but it's pretty great regardless.

Ever have a run-in with someone and can't get them out of your head? Well, that's what happened to Nathan. Until he gets a new neighbor. Sophie is frustratingly uptight, always complaining about his lifestyle, his noise level, even the girls he brings home - but she's intriguing. She's almost pushed that redhead to the back of his mind... almost.

Sophie can't stand Nathan. He thinks he's sooooo entitled to act however he pleases no matter who or what he leaves in his wake. She wants to hate him, she really does. He's just so damn good looking. And when she has a personal crisis, he's surprisingly supportive. Okay, so he gets something out of it too, but Sophie feels like she's getting the better end of the deal - until she ends up breaking their rules.

He shook his head. "You don't know me that well. We should fix that. What do you say, Sophie? Do you want to be my very special friend?"
"Why do I get the feeling I'm getting more out of this than you are?”

Nathan set those rules for a reason, and he thinks Sophie is staying well within the lines. She stays so cool, and he's keeping in check by a bare thread. Things are going to come to a head, and the fallout could leave either or both of them hurting in the end.

Nathan and Sophie are adorable. And again, while this isn't a five-star for me, it's definitely recommendable.

I give Mr. Dirty four rooftop lounges.