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The Hating Game

The Hating Game - Sally   Thorne This book was amazing!

I honestly didn't want this book to end, and yet I wanted to just eat it up as quickly as possible. When I finished it, I immediately came here to find Sally Thorne's other books, only to find out this is her debut! DEBUT?!

More please. kthxbai.

I mean, seriously. Where did this deliciousness come from? Hate to love is one of my very favorite tropes, and it's done to perfection here.

Lucy charmed me from the get-go. The way she's thrown together with Joshua is so perfect, and the fact that they're equals in every way makes them so compelling. They both excel in their jobs, smarter than sin, and they bring out emotions in others to the same degree. Lucy is as likeable as Joshua is imposing.

The source of the friction between them takes literally one second, but the tension builds between them until the bubble POPS. When they're given a chance to compete, all bets are off. The situation makes Lucy act in a way that she's a bit ashamed of, and Joshua seems to be ten steps ahead of her at every turn.

And while we see the miscommunication trope as well, it's got a twist. A delicious, wonderful, delightful, amazing twist.

If you enjoy hate to love books with bantery sandpapery main characters, I suggest you give this book a try.